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Welcome to “The Hunt” – Version 2.0

This version contains the same puzzles as in the original hunt, but the links to all the levels are given on this page, so that you can try all other levels even if you are not able to solve a particular level. It has been a few years  since the first puzzle of “The Hunt” was released with more than 300 people have started the hunt and more than a dozen of them have gone on to complete all the 35 levels. Many would have dropped out in the middle because they would have got frustrated at being unable to solve a particular level. I hope that, by releasing the links to all levels, these people would go to attempt the remaining levels.
If you are interested in more puzzles, head over to my puzzle blog here.

Now for the details of Version 2.0 of the hunt.

  • On every page you reach, you will find a puzzle which will give you an answer. The answer might be called “magic word”, “hidden word” , “password”, “code” or something else which makes it very obvious that it is the answer. The answer to each level would be revealed in the next level.
  • So, what kind of puzzles can you expect? There are a very broad range of puzzles in this hunt. Some are word-based, some are number-based, some use popular methods of encrytion like semaphores, morse-code, number-substitution, ceaser box etc. Most of the clues would contain a section called “Hunting Tips”, which would give you useful information needed to solve future puzzles. This is just to avoid unneccesary “googling” on your part. The “Hunting Tips” section is clearly demarcated and has nothing to do with the puzzle on that page. Needless to say, google is god and many clues require the use of a “search engine”.
  • For all queries related to “The Hunt”, go to The Hunter’s Forum. Here, you will find clues for almost all the levels.

The links to the 35 levels of “The Hunt” – Version 2.0. Enjoy!!

Please do send your feedback to my through the contact link at the top of this page.

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