Photography tips and tricks

My tryst with photography started in 2001 when i got my first camera, a 1000 Rupee Auto-focus kodak, the cheapest in the market. I had it for almost 6 months with me, when it died a painful death at the bottom of the wave-pool at Fissouri Water park, here in Cyprus. On my first visit to the US, i bought the stylish Nikon Coolpix 2500 with a swivel-lens. I was amazed at the quality of the photos from this camera and it took me just 2.5 years to reach the 10,000th photo. This camera has travelled with me to many places including Romania, Israel, Egypt and Thailand and I have some really memorable photos with me.

After around 1.5 yrs with the Nikon, I was introduced to SLRs by a friend and I started learning the “theory” behind SLRs i.e DOF, zooms measured in mms, manual focus, bokeh and other esoteric terms. Around the end of 2004, when Vidhya was in US, I managed to convince her to get me a Nikon D70 DSLR. This was a dream buy for me. Then, I started applying all the theory into practice. I am still learning, but my progress has been good.

Through these pages, i wish to share my experiences with digital Photography and I hope that it would produce better and more memorable photos for the ones reading it.

  1. How to take good photographs of the moon.
  2. How to take photographs of fireworks.
  3. How to take photographs at concerts.
  4. How to take photographs of lightning.
3 comments on “Photography
  1. Prabhu says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Website is good…. and good work… and could you please let me know how to take photos during marriage function….

    Looking forward for your early reply…

    Convey my wishes to your dear one Vidya…

  2. Thiyagu says:

    Hi, I am from Viman nagar, and would like to learn photography., Could you let me know if you know any institute? thanks. Thiyagu

  3. rajendra tomar says:

    i like ram setu pul

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