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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

So, it was Ganesh Chaturthi the last weekend and like last year, Vidhya made a Ganesha idol, only that this year Lord Ganesh turned out to be a little fatter than last year. I...

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IKEA opens in Nicosia, Cyprus

IKEA is probably the biggest thing to happen in Cyprus since Souvlaki and Halloumi Cheese. The new Ikea store in Nicosia (next to the upcoming Mall of Cyprus) is big, very big, extremely big!...

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I hate Mayawati

so says Manoj Singh Naruka in his orkut community named “I Hate Mayawati“. NDTV and other TV channels having been showing reports that Maywati is pissed off by “fake” profiles on orkut and demeaning...

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