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Welcome to the Hunt - Version 2.0

The Hunt

The Hunt is on!! "The Hunt" is an online puzzle solving game where one has to solve puzzles to go to the next level. There are 35 levels in all, divided into 3 stages. 200+ people are on The Hunt now!

The 100 Rupee Quiz

The 100 Rupee Quiz is a monthly quiz with a prize of 100 Rupees!! The results and answers of the previous 100 Rupee quizzes can be found at the 100 Rupee Quiz answers page. Try the latest quiz at the link above.

Welcome to "The Hunt" - Version 2.0 - Level 3

A confused message or a confused sender?

The secret meeting of the gobush organisation had just concluded. The committee chairman Mikale Jockson was subjected to a barrage of questions from the members, the subject of the questions ranging from the future of the organisation, to the changes which would be in effect from the coming year. After the meeting, Jackson submitted his report to the CEO of gobush, Big Bush. Big Bush took this report to the Board of Directors and they came out with a new set of recommendations for all the lower level managers of the GoBush organisation. So, he wrote a mail to all managers of GoBush about these recommendations and how he wanted them to be implemented. But, in the near past, the secret activities of GoMonica spies had massively increased. So, he sent the following encrypted mail. Crack the code and you will know where to go next. Btw, mind the punctuation.

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