Dumb charades rounds, list of movies and words

This page lists all the movie names/quotes/graffitti i used in the dumb-c event which i organised here at Amdocs. If you want to know the details of the individual rounds, check the page on Dumbc rounds. Btw, I have given some of the round details on this page too.


Golden rule for having a movie round in Dumb Charades: Never keep the original movie name intact. If you do so, the round becomes a test of “movie knowledge” rather than Dumbc skills. Yes, the teams might enjoy cracking a movie name in 3 seconds by having a prior knowledge of the same, but it would be unfair to do so in professional dumbc competitions like those happening in inter-school or inter-college events. All the movie names below are manipulated from the original names and in some cases totally fictional ones.

The noise of drunk cows
A woman for all winters
Weekend with the babysitter
sunset on a wet afternoon
After The wild brunch
Little big father-in-law
Ride the high country
Sisters inside jails
Army of stinking roses
Tarzan on the tallest tower
smile between small showers
The landlord of the circles
The treasure chest in home
Catman begins the return
Die softly on the ground
Thunder in Las Vegas
The Silver hurry on
The Star fight is over
A clock walks green
Blade runs over him.
The African son-in-law
King of hearts and me
The night of the stalker
Band of old females
The Jewel in his hat
Dollars from heaven
The nightmare in his house.
The singing ghost runs.
High School Drama
Walk the crooked line
Pretty lady lives here.
Shaving his eyebrows thrice
Best Pearl in the garage
Tomorrow comes next
Deep mark over him
Who caught the magician
Chicken outside the nest
Brother Lion and she
Enemy in the resort pool
Mask on that stranger
License to marry again
Launch to a big success
The mountains have ears too
I am Running around scared
don’t exchange your wife
where are my kids toys
She who is always slapped

Three Words This was a straight-forward round where teams had to natural-mime three words. I had split the words (based on my assumptions!) as very easy, medium and difficult words. Each team had to pick one word from each category.

happy	clean	gift
sad	move	floppy
cry	screw	ticket
weep	ring	exchange
jog	snore	sign
run	tear	wire
walk	bomb	bud
jump	paper	stopwatch
catch	erase	cable
throw	basket	teach
itch	submarine  mail
lift	seat	engine
hop	card	lunch
shoot	speak	cart
skip	sand	tower
slap	wash	wedding
sit	hide	sunset
back	break	bake
turn	light	soup
sneeze	click	screen
think	slide	dwarf
stop	shock	share
cough	drunk	pencil
write	ocean	calendar
yawn	river	fry
sleep	sea 	vanish
close	stand	print
open	shut	escape
pull	yell	battle
push	wife	winner
kiss	faint	monster
lick	thread	nurse
bite	dream	speaker

Quotations I took most of these quotes by searching for “funny quotes” on google and modified some of them to ensure that they were of the same difficulty. Please dont keep quotes such as “look before u leap”, “people in glass houses..” and other famous ones.

You don't know a woman till you have met her in court
There are two kinds of men, the dead and the deadly
I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.
Happiness is a very small desk and a very big wastebasket
The trouble with children is that they are not returnable.
A man's wife has more power over him than the state has.
Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday
When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas
If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question
Guests, like fish, begin to smell bad after three days
The long road to success is always under construction
If I were two faced, would I be wearing this one?
In Hollywood a marriage is a success if it outlasts milk
You cannot grow a beard in a moment of passion
The path of least resistance is the path of the loser
As you think so you are - As you Imagine so you become
It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question
I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back

Spelling In this round, teams were given a 15 letter word and asked to spell the word. This would need alphabetic codes. But, almost all teams finished this round between 10-14 seconds. So, this round didn’t matter much in the end.


Words Around a table Teams sat around a table and were given 1 word each (1 word of the three team members). Each member had to mime his word to the other two. So, in the end, all three had all the three words.
bread sink play
kid jam cool
wipe letter butter
soup sound chief
gas teach crush
captain grow mail
marry sofa drop
monster air remote
speak click fast
strip river yell
film stare bud
jog date poor
weep slip help
shake join page

Mirror Round
One member of a team would be miming a movie name and another member would just “mirror”/copy his action and third member who would be seeing this copy had to find out the movie.
The Birth of a Nation
Back to Gods country
A Night at the Opera
Murder by television
I curse my parents
A face in the crowd
Night of the blood beast
good night and good luck
From the earth to moon
Our friends in the north
The human with the soul
where the sidewalk ends
Empire of the Sun Queen
Take the best lead
Ghosts cannot do it
Friday Night Lights
Games engaged Couples play
The Affairs of Aphrodite
Pony Express Rider
Machine Team fun
Yet Another gay movie
The last slumber party

Miming to Both
Here, one member of a team would be miming the same movie name to both his team members. But, his team members would not be able to see each other. This round ensures that all the three members of a team are good.
Pinky and the brain
The Shifting sands
Punctured by the Romance
The blonde on the channel
Deep in the Canyon
The Hood of Horror

Rapid Fire Round
In this round, each team gets 10 words from which they have to mime as many as possible within 1 minute. The scoring was as follows: For every word they did not get, 10 seconds would be added to their score. If they got all the tean, the remaining time would be subtracted from their score.
anger basement champion branch address
balcony bear cheetah Deer column block choke
cloud crash enter Fox cup crooked crack
lazy ink glass divide Leopard float Limousine
minute Jet Hippo mark nervous romance month
peek Lorry pipe pain second painting
rent play race skate soar scare sauce
pass speed Tractor space surf screen surprise
Tank trek wave Truck shine twist wound

Dum-Dum-C Round
Bluetooth market-share Cookie bar-code Database copy-right
Motherboard foil-stamp Spreadsheet gate-fold Protocol mast-head
Website tag-line

Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum C Round
The most complicated round of the event.The three team members X, Y and Z get a word each, say A, B and C respectively. X mimes A to y (Z is turning the other way). Then Y mimes A and B to Z. Now Z knows all the three words A, B and C. Now, Z goes to X and mimes B and C. So, now X knows all three words. Then X again goes to Y and mimes C. So, at the end , all three should know all three words!
warm ruler handle
meeting slope burn
trophy brake couple
garden chimney month
post relax touch
bench bounce stairs

This was a normal natural miming round, but all the movies were names of Porn movies based on famous hollywood movies. I got the name “pornucopia” from a series on HBO about the porn movie industry in California.
Good Will went humping
Honey I blew everybody again
The Whore of the worlds
Alice in black land
Guess who came at Dinner
A passage through India
Garden of eating
The general’s mistress
The Ghost Lusters
The good, the bad and the horny
Intercourse With a Vampire
Lust of the Mohicans
Playing Miss Daisy

Blindfold Round
One of the team members was blindfolded and given a word to mime. The other team members were not supposed to give any form of feedback (including a confirmation by mouth). This round needed a very good sense of co-ordination between the team members.
Satellite Galaxy Comet Sunspot Corona crater

Hope you found the above information useful!

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