Dumb charades rounds, list of movies and words

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  1. ya fien with the words…
    but still more a better one for the latest technical words are required

  2. Vaasy says:

    I Like u r views and the words ……… I want something more than this… can u guide???

  3. raghav says:

    thanks dude..it was very helpful

  4. Athika says:

    You have got a great collection here ..Keep up the good ..ummm …great work 😉

  5. kiran says:

    i like ur views..can u suggest how much time we can give for the Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum C Round….plz….

  6. your jus awesome….

  7. rashi says:

    It’s really awsome, gave me lots of ideas…

  8. YOGESH D B says:

    Collection is good but it requires latest personalities.

  9. shruthi says:

    thanks so much , its really a great collection

  10. Vivian says:

    Hey, very well explained……………………nice work 🙂

  11. dia pareek says:

    nice… helped me a lot…

  12. dharshini says:

    Really it’s a great collection. v want more.

  13. Dominic Richard says:

    superb collection of rules its amazing……:)

  14. deepika says:

    can yo suggest some good rounds for technical dumb charades……

  15. James Sheldon says:

    Fantastic Post, will be Linking back to this blog

  16. Ansuhree Rai says:

    Very neat !!! quite unique words ..would def beat anyone hands down in a game of dum-charads.

  17. Emmanuel Jose says:

    Yeah it was really useful…

  18. Please show video of dumbcharade

  19. rakesh says:

    Brilliance! more useful when it comes to understanding your team mates! also different words put together helps you to improve your skills of guessing!

  20. nandhini says:

    it was really brilliant and entertaining.. hope of guessing it right

  21. smita says:

    i have not the found the one which i was searching……:-((

  22. shivamrastogi says:

    it helped me a lot i got a lot of prepartion for my competetion

  23. gouri says:


  24. muthukumar says:

    hii friend i am going to conduct dum c in my college plz give some idea

  25. thilip says:

    super… duper… 😉

  26. thilip says:

    i’m intrested in playin’ dumb c in my school… give me some ideas

  27. Susharitha says:

    gud ones!!
    but the round of spellings — words are quite complicated!!

  28. Anita says:

    It’s good to see that you are willing to share the fruits of your work with others. Thank you and God bless you.

  29. ranjith says:

    not helpful

  30. KaTiE says:

    GREAT LIST I AM GOING TO PLAY WITH MY COUSINS!!! I didn’t want to spend $30 at Target on a game when I can look up words myself! My dad is really really rich but i don’t need to buy a $30 game to get lost in my family’s mansion! It;s Stupid!…….? What is DUMB C?! People said on other comments I am going to play dumb c with their friends what is it? Thanks,


  31. Adil says:

    thanks dude

  32. amarjyot says:

    nice,can do more better
    thanks DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. mojo says:

    thanxz mate you just saved my arse

  34. renga says:

    realllllllllllllly reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good, thankz a lot

  35. gopaldurai says:

    hi how to start dumb charades games plz reply me….

  36. keerthi says:

    nice and its useful

  37. Rajeev says:

    i want to know some more different type of rounds.

  38. pragya says:

    awesome i like it …………………………… it helped me alot

  39. rash mitha says:

    good site

  40. Rishikesh says:


  41. Sam says:


  42. aishwarya ramesh says:


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