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NDTV travel site blocked by google

I noticed this only today. Is this happening for quite some time now ? What is the current listing status for Site is listed as suspicious – visiting this web site may harm your computer. Part of this site

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Introducing – The place to take web polls

PollMummy is a new website created just for taking web polls. There is a PollMummy Blog where all the latest polls would be uploaded. There is also a Poll Directory where you can choose to take polls based on the

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Out of the Past

I was tagged by MiddleZoneMusings to post on a new meme called “Ten of my Favourite Posts” started by William Tully Sounds like “Oprah’s Favourite Things for Summer”! Anyway, the idea of this meme is to pick ten posts from

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Fearful Friday the 13th Group Writing Project

Last week, i had initiated a Group Writing project about Friday the 13th. As is expected for the first group writing project for a blog, there weren’t many entries. Thanks to the two bloggers (Ravi and Mercury) who participated in

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Surf’s up – It’s Wednesday – Edition 3

Again, missed the Wednesday. Maybe, i ought to change it to “Surf’s Up – It’s Thursday”! World’s Brainiest – An Interesting site for quizzers and also those who want to soak up a daily dose of General Knowledge. They have

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