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The facts behind Saddam’s hanging

Slowly, but surely, many facts about what happened in the days prior to Saddam’s hanging are being uncovered by the world media. Tapped phone calls reveal that Saddam and other accused undergoing the trial...

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Origin of some English words

Many English words have their origin in Indian languages. Probably because the English found themselves to be deficient in expressing many ideas and borrowed the words from the languages of the countries they went...

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Saddam Hussein hanged in Iraq

No, he was not hung. Only objects are hung, people are hanged. Whether he was hanged or hung, the fact is that Saddam Hussein was executed in Iraq. I was sure that this would...

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Sreesanth breaks into a break dance

after hitting Andre Nell for a six. Shanthakumaran Sreesanth should have been in the movies with his jhatkas and matkas! Sreesanth, well known for his self-motivating actions he performs on the way back to...

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