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Tamil Nadu to make Rajinikanth Statue

Building statues seem to be the flavour of the season with every state competing with the other in spending public money on building bigger and bigger statues. This week Maha’s CM said, with an indirect reference to NaMo, “Mine is

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My manifesto for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections

I have decided to contest the TN Assembly elections with an eye on the CM’s post considering that the present bunch of politicians are no good for the state and would be better off playing musical chair! As is the

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New Telangana state: a blow to the tamil gaana song industry

To hell with the new state! I am really pissed off with the decision to form the new state. As a proud Tamilian, i am hurt by this decision of the congress government. Until now, Tamil Nadu held the monopoly

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Impact of recession

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Choosing a baby name – Easier said than done

Maho Arnaha Saraswati Pra Chetayati Ketuna Dhiyo Vishwa Vi Rajati. Asmantsu Tatra Chodyendra Raye Rabhsthavaha TuVidyumna Yashsthavaha What do the above lines mean to you? If you are a follower of/believer in the vedas, you would recognise the above as

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