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  1. Dear Rajaram,
    I came accross your website as I was looking for information about the Avakas gorge; I am writing a touriss guide book for the area and need some pictures. Is is possible to use some of your (beautyful) pictures from the websit? Can you contact me at 99123127 (I am in Limassol) so we can talk about this? thanks

  2. Sivaram says:

    Hi Rajaram … am a junior from your college and i was reading your rat in the pants story :)…. it was humorous … especially the moral of the story part .. keep rocking

  3. Nisha says:

    hws u dear????
    I m frm delhi…I dnt knw dat wht should i talk 2 u.
    i just messaged u to say hello

  4. Anirban says:

    Wow!!! new, look ‘n feel…amazing
    I used to be a regular follwer of Quizzing section even six months back when I was one among the most populous community in this world, i.e. sw engg. working in chennai…
    But now I am student again, doing MBA from Pune…
    and again back to your territory…

  5. megha ms says:

    this is megha from bangalore
    ur site on dumb -c is too good >…
    we have same kind of rounds conducted in college but the theme is not movies or quotations >>>…….instead we hav things related to science>…
    ex/.some process , terminology>..
    i would like you to include more of science in ur site >…
    on the whole ur site is more informative>…….

  6. Desi in a Videsh says:

    I guess this would be my 3rd or 4th time.. google brings me to ur website! Probably its because we have the same tastes / ideas / pastimes?!! What brings me back, this time? Well..there’s a party am hosting for the weekend and was planning to have “Tambola” .

    Keep sharing ur ideas!

  7. Alok Varshney says:

    hi Rajaram,I am Alok working as AGM(ATC) with Airports Authority of India.I really liked your Bingo conducting techniques and adopted them in one of the game which I conducted.It was fun for all.well i feel I will like to keep in touch with u.If you do,pl reply,regds,Alok

  8. Karen Potts says:

    Great images of Cyprus, could not be better, I am staying at Larnaca 2nd till 9th Noember at friend’s rented house. If I had found this site earlier, I should made them change the location to any of the places you had taken some of those atmospheric, beautiful pictures. Really capture the magic. Next time definitely going inland….

  9. Rupa Mani says:

    Hi just came across your site as google brought me up… after reading few of your articles i felt i must congratulate you. This site is really good.. keep up your work..:)

  10. Hello… Creative ji.. I can just say you this.. “m really impressed by your work”… oops……. no more words… go head.. first time i visited this site through google.. made me very enthu to be lik you..

    BYE 🙂

  11. Marco says:

    it was least expected by many that a guy not originally cypriot, would actually guide us to places we never knew they existed, not even on CTO website!!
    you are more cypriot than us 🙂

    thanks a lot 🙂

  12. Melinda says:

    I’ve been writing a ‘holiday diary’ about Cyprus for geography homework and your site has been amazing! Thanks so much!

  13. Ariyanathan says:

    Just came here while searching for Surya’s wedding photos

    Fortunately read your “About Us”

    It was interesting, It happens man..

    Wish you Happy Life There in a Cyprus..

  14. Mahesh says:

    I am Mahesh Jadhav working as S/W engineer. google has brought me to ur site twice. and both the times it was dumb-c which has brought me here.
    Thanks for sharing the infomation with the world

  15. Ina Seiter says:

    Great publishing and cheers so substantially for your time!!

  16. Ashwathy says:

    …You do have a good sense of humour!!!! Enjoyed going thru your blog.

  17. Nikos says:

    Hi Rajaram, just now came accross your Cyprus blog. Fantastic job!!! We need you, your family and people like you here, so hurry back to Limassol. Wish you the best!!

  18. dror says:

    Dear Rajaram,
    I am gathering info about some walks and 4WD trips in Cyprus for my wife, 10 years old sun and myself (the older 3 “kids” do not travel with us any more 🙁 maybe 18, 20 and 23 are too old for us, or we are too old for them?)
    anyway – your site is very informative and interesting and I will check as many places as posible and will surely update you when we are back (we are going the in the middle of October 2011).
    do youhave any updates, new sites or recomandation for this time of year?
    much obliged,
    Yuli, Dror (and Tal)

  19. Nice Blogging !

    You are doing great Rajaram. Nice updates !

  20. Costas C. says:

    Hi friend,
    I am night receptionist in a locat 3 star hotel. I found your pages and writing to say thanks as I phoned also a local clinic. The pharmacy opens at 8 am and at 4.00 am my guest wanted help. So I must help and wait till 8 am. Welcome
    to the EC Cyprus. Better live else where I think in the future. Service is no more the norm in Cyprus. Best wishes I love India and a country and its life style . I am signing off . Best wishes.

  21. krithika says:

    Nice family and enthralling blogs! Bravo!

  22. I am in Cyprus in Dhekelia , I was wondering if you know of any INDIAN community contact in Cyprus who celebrate Diwali / dussehra etc
    Do you know of any TEMPLE (Hindu) in Cyprus
    I tried Indian Embassy …………………………could not make head way as the number was NOT being answered which does not surprise me
    Please help if you can , CHANDRASEKHAR

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