What women want!

July is the “sale” period in Pune. Every minute of free time is spent on optimising the strategy for visiting every store with a sale. After having spent practically so much time within malls, i realised that shopping is not chaotic but scientific, very scientific. The images below shows the complicated physics of shopping and its inspirations.

The dump.

Space is a premium within shops. So, they have found out that the best way to arrange clothes during a sale is to just dump them on top of each other. And, women help this cause by flinging more and more clothes on this dump directly from within the fitting rooms when they find that they are not as small as they think they are. In fact, Mr. Jen Ga got the inspiration for Jenga from watching women shop in Beijing.

Fatal Attraction.


Every girl would always get a boy to accompany her to shop. Who else would carry the clothes then? The movement of couples within a shop follows the physics of springs exactly. You should be able to understand this unless you spent your time in school studying the physics of the opposite sex and trying to establish a chemistry. Imagine a girl and a boy as two ends of a spring. The moment a girl moves forward to the next dump, there is a momentary pause and then, due to laws of nature, the boy springs forward towards her and stops at exactly the same distance behind her as she was before. In fact, the first metal spring was made after observing this behaviour.

Oohs and Aahs.


All kinds of parental controls on television are needed nowadays to prevent kids from being exposed to stuff which they are not supposed to hear at their age. Hence, many parents bring them along to the malls. But then, they don’t realise that malls too aren’t exactly kid-friendly. If you happen to suddenly hear an orgasmic meg ryan’ish scream, it is not that a girl is making out with her bf inside a fitting room, it is just her scream of joy at having found THAT 70% off apparel in an “UPTO 70% sale”. In fact, the voiceover of Meg Ryan in the scene was a recording from inside a shop during the sale season.




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