My manifesto for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections

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11 Responses

  1. Priya says:

    Really nice post… you have my vote coz liked the WiFi enabled compartment 😉 n btw poloticians in genereal wud rock at musical chairs…they have played it for so long!

  2. Jayalalithaa seems to have Death Wish: Virtually Gifting a landslide win to the DMK?

    The MDMK, a long time ally of AIADMK, has walked out of their alliance. Even assuming MDMK had remained within the AIADMK flock, the formidability of its rival – the DMK re-constituted alliance – is so comprehensive that it had a two digit lead, assuming the 2009 Lok Sabha performance as a baseline. This gave the DMK Alliance a vote share of around 53% and AIADMK alliance around 44%. With the exit of MDMK, the vote share of AIADMK at start up of the campaign falls to 41.33% – trailing their rival by a whopping 12-13%.

    Read More:

  3. Senthil Ponnuraj says:

    I liked this part…. what a timing Rajaram only you can do this…
    “Free Dosa and Idli (1 dosa and 2 Idlis per meal per person per day) will be givento all those who can prove that they are hungry. DMK gives out free rice, AIADMK givesout mixies & grinders, but what use are these if they is no electricity connection to your house!”

  4. HARI PRAHLAD says:

    I hereby give you the title of Colonel Puratchi Sirippaalar and I promise to be your lifelong poster sticker. Guys like you make TN rock in spite of our lying, thieving, blackguard politicians. Only a sense of humour will make us survive and the gods have blessed you with one.

  5. sunder says:

    maanpumiku madipukuriya engal thaivar
    colonel puratchi sirippaalare
    tamilnattin எதிர்காலedirkaalame
    hitech புரட்சி thalivare
    manin maindane
    ராஜா R A M avargale
    ellam sari
    கட்சி in chinnam enavao

  6. Rajaram S says:

    Maanbumiku Sunder, i guess you didn’t read the entire manifesto 🙂
    The symbol of our party is “The little Finger”.

  7. dr says:

    how about one day cm

  8. Vignesh Balaji says:

    Gr8 going… and introduce that 1+1 marks in the maths examination of the 12th std State board as that is the worst of all the papers i’ve written in my lifetime…

    And about the party flag??? 😛 😮

  9. Neechalkaran says:


    Good to see you too stay in pune.

  10. sweety singh says:

    awsome.. 🙂
    I was reading it in my office and Iaughed so much that ppl started starng at me..

  11. Husain Saifee says:

    Too Good!!! This is satire to the core. Beautiful!!!

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