Football is a stupid game, a waste of time

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  1. Sriram Caring Brother says:

    Raja, u have taken a very dangerous step by writing this article, now ur blog will the center of holiganism. 😀 Dont worry thambi udayaan padaikku anjaan. 😀

  2. Blah bla bla says:

    Footy rules especialy Man United and i am a girl

  3. Leopold Cup says:

    Unrelated but interesting, considering that only Brazil has been able to claim victory at the Soccer World Cup outside of its own continent – will that change for this year?

  4. Lawrence says:

    Huh….and you’re going to tell me cricket is better , right ? Or maybe golf…Now those are some horrendous, time-wasting activities. Yeah, soccer is becoming more and more technical and there were problems at the WC with referees, too many faults, etc. But that will still not change the fact that football is King (at least for the next few 100’s of years) 🙂

  5. Dileep says:

    Interesting article, weird to be honest; being a football lover myself 🙂
    Of all the outrageous stuff that’s thrown out here, the statement that’s most disturbing to me is “There is no art in the game.” !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sam says:

    oh football is such a shitty sport . Any tom dick harry can kick the ball randomly in any direction , by some fluke the ball enters the goal post once in a bluemoon and they celebrate oevr it . Yuck

  7. Sam says:

    Football is a game played by 22 poofs kicking a bag of wind,officiated by 3 clowns between 6 bpieces of 3×2 and watched by on average 60000 HOOLIGANS

  8. Drew says:

    If soccer is such a boring sport than why do so many people play it. U dons just kick a ball you have plays in soccer and unlike in American football you dont get to huddle and talk about it you have to know bywhat the players are doing so you need to shut up and stop talking about something you have no idea about.

  9. perturbed, says:

    i cant believee the idiots that are brainwashed into this junk,
    stupid people that have no gumption in life but to act like a loser and loudmouth,with thier little loser friends,
    Its borderline on barberism and middle ages violence,
    all the stupid sports channels talka bout nothing but who did this and who did what where and make stupid comment’s about nothing,

  10. Fernando Herrera says:

    I feel sorry for whoever wrote this article. Sport is as much a part of humanity as is art. I bet the person who wrote this article is a fat-lazy-lard who has never sprinted ninety yards to be rewarded with calorie-burning cardiovascular-improving exercise. He or she does not understand the beauty of sportsmanship. Football unites people all around the world and teaches ignorant people the value of camaraderie no matter the ethnicity. Football, as any other sport, is one of the leading fighters against racism. That’s just one point. Then you have the beauty of simple entertainment. Also, this idiot person has obviously never experienced passion. And probably has never been in a stadium of 90, 000 plus screaming fans who chant and sing. Nuff said.

  11. ashwag balala says:

    football is an amazing game that brings so many different people together.oh ya n btw whoever disses amazin sports lyk footy are 4 sure very unathletic.

  12. prnv shrewn says:

    cricket sucks big tym, so better not talk bout football!!!!!!!!!! and yea both american & association soccer rules, except indian subcontinent no1 cares bout cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Soccer is awesome but american football is for fat lazy tards who themselves are too lazy to play football and they have no foreknowledge on soccer and criticize it and spend their sorry-ass life sitting in front of the TV and yelling at his wife to get the goddamned remote while watching a bunch of idiots get brain damage. You know there is a reason that soccer is played around the world and football is played only in the redneck capital of the world you me and the entire world is forced to call America. It’s because soccer is decent and football is retarded.

  14. Tony Sewell says:

    Blantantly never played, been to a football match scoring a goal is one of the best feeling to know you have the ability to beat players, sprinting and using skill the person who wrote this is a moron …. YouTube and search Lionel messi!!!!!!! Then you will see the passion and beauty of the game 90% of the population of this planet love!!! You are a douche

  15. Deen says:

    Every stupid think as they are only one wise in the world. Real wise man would be respect every one.

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