a soft drink from cow-urine – little hard to swallow!

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3 Responses

  1. Nitin says:

    Have you ever tried to know the benefits of Gau-mutra.

    I guess you have not.

    The Gau-mautra is used in ayurveda for curing lots of diseases. It has significant medical properties.

    Dont even think of comparing Gau-mautra with these stupid soft drinks and alcholic drinks.

    And one more thing. God save INDIA from people like you, who just react without even doing any study on topic.

  2. pasupathy says:

    very purpose of responding to this mail is not to emphasize the fact that my mautra (since i am called as pashu) has benefits and better than any other food and drinks. Comming to actual cow, it is better to drink the gaumautra than to hog the ass, dick and boobs of various animals and birds. God help u and help us from u. But I admire ur sense of humour.

  3. pasupathy says:

    Is it hard o digest the reply. Conveniently deleted my previous comment.

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