Tips and tricks for making Tambola/Bingo/Housie interesting

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  1. srinivas says:


    Need soft copy of tambola tickets to print and play in house during functions.
    any idea where can I get???


  2. deepak says:

    hi i need the information regarding the rules and terminology used like fullhouse king’s corner etc… send me ..thanks

  3. Amit says:

    Thanks… Link was useful…

  4. A. Ranganathan says:

    I also conduct tambolas.. I would like to know some call phrases to precede the number to be called. like e.g., “walking stick No.7″ , ” two little ducks 2 and 2 twenty tewo” etc. etc. My think tank is running dry and I woulfd like to add some new phrases to my list to entertain my friends.


  5. Pankaj says:

    hi i need the information regarding the rules and terminology used like fullhouse king’s corner, Bamboo etc… send me ..thanks

  6. Nikhil S says:

    hi i need the information regarding the rules and terminology used alongwith call phrases to precede the number for an interesting conduct of the game… send me ..thanks

  7. manjeet says:

    hi i need to know call phrases to precede the numbers …thanks in anticipation….

  8. Rajaram S says:

    hi manjeet..i never used the cliched call phrases ..just the regular number calling will do can innovate by going for new and strange combinations and by giving out lot of prizes!

  9. ashok malhotra says:

    pl let me know kings corners and queens corners


  10. Ganesh says:

    Thanks Rajan, Very useful links and tips.

  11. meera says:

    kings corner: is first line’s first number, second line’s first number,
    last line’s first number is always kings corner ………….all will together cut.
    queens corner : first line’s last number, second line’s last number,
    last line’s last number is always queenscorner ………….all will together cut

  12. Nitin Warde says:

    can u plz suggest any small programme for tambola & tickest generator.

    Thanks a lot in advance

    Nitin Warde

  13. rajesh says:

    wanna make calling numbers interesting and exciting , plse suggest some good tips

  14. reetu says:

    make calling numbers interesting and exciting

  15. Venkatesh says:

    Can You please fwd me different ways of calling Nos in Housie by the house master…

  16. Vijay says:

    Looking for good calling numbers interesting and exciting e.g., “walking stick No.7″ , ” two little ducks 2 and 2 twenty tewo” etc

  17. Waqar says:

    Regards, I am looking for interesting call outs for tambola game

  18. ruhani says:


  19. shalini singhal says:

    hi, i want to know in tambola ticket, calling no intersting like unlucky no2

  20. shalini singhal says:

    where is answers to our questions?

  21. Rohan Chawla says:

    Hi guys

    Here’s the list of all Tambola numbers……
    All the best

    1 Lone ranger
    2 One little duck
    3 Happy family
    4 Murgi chor
    5 Punjab da puttar
    6 Bottom heavy
    7 One hockey stick
    8 One fat major
    9 Doctor’s time
    10 A big fat hen
    11 Two heavenly legs
    12 One dozen
    13 Bakers dozen
    14 Valentine’s Day
    15 Yet to be kissed
    16 Sweet sixteen
    17 Dancing Queen
    18 Voting age
    19 Last of the teens
    20 One score
    21 President’s salute
    22 Two little ducks
    23 You and me
    24 Two dozen
    25 Quarter
    26 Republic Day
    27 Gateway to heaven
    28 Duck and its mate
    29 In your prime
    30 Women get flirty at 30
    31 Time for fun
    32 Mouth Full
    33 All the 3s
    34 Dil mange more
    35 Flirty wife
    36 Popular size
    37 Mixed luck
    38 Oversize
    39 Watch your waistline
    40 Naughty 40
    41 Life’s begun at 41
    42 Quit India Movement
    43 Pain in the knee
    44 All the fours
    45 Halfway there
    46 Up to tricks
    47 Year of Independence
    48 Four dozen
    49 Rise and shine
    50 Half a century
    51 Charity begins at 51
    52 Pack of cards
    53 Pack with a joker
    54 Pack with two jokers
    55 All the fives
    56 Pick up sticks
    57 Mutiny Year
    58 Time to retire
    59 Just retired
    60 Five dozen
    61 Bakers bun
    62 Click the two
    63 Click the three
    64 Catch the chor
    65 Old age pension
    66 Chakke pe chakka
    67 Made in heaven
    68 Saving grace
    69 Ulta Pulta
    70 Lucky blind
    71 Lucky bachelor
    72 Lucky couple
    73 A crutch and a flea
    74 Lucky chor
    75 Lucky Five
    76 Lucky six
    77 Two hockey sticks
    78 Heaven’s gate
    79 One more time, lucky nine
    80 Gandhi’s breakfast
    81 Corner shot
    82 Last of the two, Fat lady with a duck
    83 India wins Cricket World Cup
    84 Last of the chors
    85 Grandma
    86 Last six
    87 Grandpa
    88 Two fat ladies
    89 All but one
    90 Top of the house

  22. Rohan Chawla says:

    i have taken these numbers from some sources, added some myself….
    hope this helps you all conduct some rocking rounds of tambola in the coming days

  23. ZAREEN says:

    i have a big question how to play this game

  24. Bravo Gurung says:

    Hi, I am the person to intertain the people in our community, therefore I am looking to buy a Tambola full set. where can i buy that? but not Bingo its only 75 balls but Tambola has 90 full house balls.

    Many thanks

  25. Ruchi says:

    Thank u , Rohan! Have to announce tomorrow……….. U were a big help!

  26. Krishnakumar says:

    Thanks Rajaram. I have noted few tips to make my next Thambola game interesting.

  27. Navneet Jain says:

    Can you pls send me the pharases that can be used in telling tambola numbers

  28. roshan says:

    i need pharse in regards with family members r relative can u suggest me with good ideas plz….

  29. senorita says:

    thanxx… a lot rohan…its helpfull,i was searching madly n finally got it

  30. pritee says:

    hey … ur reviews r of great help .. thanx… but can i know about some more variations , apart from lines, sandwhich, pyramid, kings corner etc….something other than these…thanx

  31. sarita shelly says:

    pls suggest in hindi , to make housie numbers calling interesting & funny .

  32. Shahbaz says:

    hey guys this relly helped me alot, i am in a situation that i havent played any tambolas and i jumped in to arrange a big tambola, probably some 200 ppl would be comming. hope it is a good show

  33. Monika says:

    how to play this game

  34. I havn’t played it before. tomorrow I am going to participate in a game event in my company. Hope after reading your blog, It will be a better show for me. Thanks.

  35. Jai Krishan Gupta says:

    Very Interesting. For a Long time, i was searching the wording of calling numbers, Now I am able to see that. I will make now more interesting while playing the Tambola. Thanks.

  36. pranay says:

    thanks a lot man!! ur tambola nos were of gr8 help….

  37. KB says:

    From this site you can now Generate and Download Free customizable tambola and houzee tickets.
    You can see various rules, how to play game and what are the various winning criterias.

  38. sona says:

    need some ideas on theme based tambola
    like bollywood tambola

  39. Kunal says:

    Some ideas for Theme based Tambola could be Festival Tambola, GK Tambola, Kids Tambola (for kids Birthday parties) etc.
    More can be found at:

    From this site, you can also design Theme Based Tambola!

  40. Saara says:

    Thanks !! yours idea is great. nos suggestion are really awesome.

  41. Priya says:

    Rohan ur list is awesome and very usefull …. Thanks!!

  42. sudhir says:

    Thank you

  43. Aashlesha Gupte says:

    Rohan Chawla did u made this list onur own?


    call phrase of tambola number

  45. johny gudalur says:

    hi, need tambola numbers in malayalam

  46. prerana says:

    i want some interesting prizes for tambolo for valentine day and some cotation for calling no.

  47. Girija Muralidharan says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for the phrases before calling out the numbers while playing Tambola. I have conducted this game many times but some phrases were missing from my list. Now it is complete. Thanks a ton once again.

  48. veena says:

    pls send phrases or story type to call numbers for tambola

  49. Anita Sharma says:

    Please send some phrase related to Aqua or water numbers

  50. can you koreyera the tambola game free?

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