Hindu is a religion; Hindi is a language

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “saare-jahan-se accha” the unofficial national song of India has the lines :
    maj hab nahee sikhAtA Apas me’ byr rakhnA,
    hindee hai hum, vatan hai hindo’stA hamArA

    So perhaps we all are Hindis 🙂

  2. Even though the song written by Iqbal says “hindii haiN ham watan hai hindositaaN hamaraa” it doesn’t mean he is calling us “Hindis”. This obviously is not a “Hindi” term. Hindi in this instance would mean someone from “hind” which is obviously India. If I’m not mistaken, this would be a term from Persian for someone who is from Hind (India). I had written a similar article on my blog about the difference between Hindi – Hindu – Indian when our major English Newspaper here in Montreal wrote “Hindi community […]” or “Lahore India” 🙂 I don’t think such mistakes should be forgiven as they simply propagate ignorance about the correct terminology and especially in this day and age, correct terminology is very important in my humble opinion.

  3. jasy says:

    Obvious Hindi is a language and Hindu is a religion, but Hindi language is not related to any caste, it is a national language of Hindustan n is related to Hinduism. But what i say is we should not relate it to any of the Indian caste or state. Hindi and English are official languages of Hindustan (India) and each state has it own language.. Like : AndraPradesh :Telugu, Maharashtra : Marati, TamilNadu : Tamil, Gujarat : Gujarati, Karnataka : Kannada and so on…

  4. Shishank jain says:


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