Automatic Bingo/Tambola Playing Card generator

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24 Responses

  1. priyanka says:


  2. cricketbuff says:

    thanks a ton !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot…..

  4. milind says:

    Thanks Rajaram
    very useful lead and information …

  5. Ankur says:

    The link doesn’t work any more!!
    Please post a new one for Bingo number generator!

  6. Rajaram S says:

    Ankur ..I checked it even now..The link is fine.

  7. milind says:

    Hi Rajaram
    Ankur is right
    There seems some problem with link
    Wonder if there is any alteranate

  8. Vasi says:

    Thanks alot for displaying this bingo generator. Our friends will have a blast.

  9. Neelima says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    I was browsing for Bingo tickets and came across your site. Thanks for the information.


  10. salay says:

    salay pls. send me tambola ticket

  11. Ram says:

    Thanks a lot Mr.Rajaram.. It is indeed a very helpful site..

  12. vijay reddy says:

    hey, thanks a lot. that helped me.

  13. Sanjeev Goyal says:

    Awesome! This is a life saver. 🙂 Wonderful Tips.

  14. seshu says:

    great but how many players max. should play a game

  15. Anil says:

    Hey thanks for posting link to generate tambola tickets……

  16. Priyanka says:

    Hi, this is so kind of you… thanks a ton! will be super helpful for a new yrs party I am throwing for a large family gathering…. many many thanks 🙂 Wish you a rocking New Yr!

  17. Imran says:

    I have created a Tambola game, if anybody want to play it in his house then he can download it here :

  18. murthy says:

    Hey thanks for posting link to generate tambola tickets……

  19. Deepak says:

    pls send the bingo and tambola ticket

  20. Sugadevan says:

    Many Many Thanks .. we are in Saudi Arabia, All ladies the Apartment enjoying this Game.. It is very useful… Bye Sugu

  21. selva prakash m says:

    Thanks a lot.. it helped me a lot.. thanks again .. bye

  22. pritee says:

    hey thanx … was really usefull

  23. KB says:

    You can find more customizable Tambola/Bingo tickets at Free Tambola Tickets and Game Board Generator with much more information about Tambola at:

  24. Bose says:

    thanks so much.. its just wht i was looking for …for our next gathering.

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