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I am not into chatting big-time. But, over the past few days, had to use GTalk a lot, because i had to communicate with a colleague in another country for many issues and using the phone would simply be too expensive, as we don’t have any “official” connection to this country. One of my friends Ravi Sharma had developed his own Gtalk Theme which has some amazing customisations. I am kind of reviewing in detail all the features below so that you can see these wonderful features in action and then download the theme.

Features of the new free Gtalk Theme:

  • Changing the background of the Gtalk Chat Window. All you have to do is go to Start–> gtheme–> Change Background. Then, choose any jpg and reopen your chat windows and you shall have the background you want. When you download the theme, you get more than a dozen sample images too.

  • Got bored of the same old smileys in your chat? This theme provides dozens of innovative smileys to be used in you chat. You can see the complete list of smilies and their codes on this page.

free smiley smilies for chat free smiley smilies for chat free smiley smilies for chat free smiley smilies for chat free smiley smilies for chat

  • Day in History: You can also post a Day in history in your chat window by using the command sravi:dih in the chat window.
  • Joke of the Day: You can post the Joke of the day in your chat window by using the command sravi:jod
  • Word of the Day: You can post the Joke of the day in your chat window by using the command sravi:wod
  • Live Cricket scores: By entering sravi:cricket, you can get the latest score of that day’s match or the last recorded match.

  • For the romantically inclined, try this command: sravi:msg1:I*Love*You or any other message with the * denoted a break of a line eg: sravi:msg1:I*like*chatting*with*you

  • You can even send a hand-written letter to the person you are chatting with by using the command: sravi:msg2:Hi$I am enjoying this theme, You should try it too$Rajaram S

  • You can even play any youtube/google video inside the chat window by using the command: sravi:gvideo:(google video link) or sravi:utube:(youtube video link)
  • You can share random picasa photos inside the chat window using the command: sravi:photos:(google user id without
  • Read comic strips online within the chat window: Use the command sravi:comics: (number is from 1-34) to share various comic strips. Go to the comics page for details on which number to use for a particular comic strip.

and of course, the most important feature, you can chat too !

If you are interested in this theme, you can download the theme by going to Ravi Sharma’s Gtalk theme page here or you can download the zipped installer directly by clicking here.

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29 comments on “Free Gtalk Theme with lot of features for download
  1. Neha says:

    awesome theme and applications..thnx for sharing

  2. gyanesh says:

    hi gtalk theme is really awesome..
    plz try it once..

  3. tameelay says:

    i like this gtalk theme

  4. Chuchar says:

    wanna try it .

  5. evephyu says:

    How i download ?

  6. myat says:

    it is so good
    i like it very much

  7. rahul says:

    how to download this theme please email me

  8. Deepz says:

    thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a ton 4 dese gtalk themes :D:D:D:D dey r realli cool n specialli d smiley n oder features. keep dem cmng….:)
    agn thnx a ton

  9. Mr Sai Khay says:

    I really like the themes…..Thanks for upload..

  10. rashmi says:

    how i download it

  11. rupesh says:

    how 2 download it…

  12. Nisha says:

    Really Awesome theme and application….

  13. jing says:

    how to download this theme ?
    how to use it? Please?

  14. (-; SwapniL_alias_MAX :-) says:

    Wow, it’s too good. Now chattin’ will be full of fun :-)

  15. sweswe says:

    no smiley is appear on my gtalk.

  16. shiva says:

    i downloaded n installed..but nothin is coming its appring same borin gtalk..
    how to install

  17. shiva says:

    or else gtlk latest version i hav to download?

    hlp me

  18. aklwin says:

    i love this…

  19. sanat says:

    nice one

  20. Prags says:

    Hey how can I download this theme??
    Please tell.

  21. sathya says:

    dear sir /mam

    update more and much more better

  22. Santosh B. Hosur says:

    Such a MindBlowing Thames …..
    You Are Great Sir..
    I changed my G-talk background with my Girlfriends Pic.. :)
    now i can see her all the time.. :)
    thank you so much..!

  23. naing says:

    I like this

  24. naing says:

    I like theme

  25. cute says:

    i like this theme

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