What i learned from driving in India

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  1. Yvonne Russell says:

    This gave me a good laugh. Great stuff!

    I love how everyone has their own very unique take on the same topic for the writing project.

  2. Bob says:

    Hey, Rajaram, welcome back to the project! I loved this – it reinforced my resolve to never drive in India! (Actually, I had the same experiences in Sao Paolo, Brazil, too.)

    Thanks for participating!

  3. themolk says:

    That’s gold – thanks for sharing. Sounds like India and China are working hard to improve and advance the cause of nano-technology! 😉

  4. Test says:

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  5. Rajaram S says:

    Yvonne: thanks! The random acts of kindness which you have written abt in your entry are becoming more and more rare these days!

    Bob/Robert: Thanks for dropping by. Your group projects are responsible for many interesting hrs spent reading other’s articles.

    themolk: thx for visiting. I can relate a lot to the points mentioned in ur article on travel.

  6. Adhiraj Joglekar says:

    Much of the world wide web is full of sarcasm & mocking of driving on Indian roads. This site http://driving-india.blogspot.com/ has been created with the purpose of providing driver education and training rather than criticism.

    At present 17 driver education videos aimed at changing the driving culture on Indian roads are available. To watch the videos, please visit: http://driving-india.blogspot.com/

    Please publish / forward this link and help change the driving culture on our roads

    The videos cover the following topics:

    Video 1: Covers the concept of Blind spots
    Video 2: Introduces the principle of Mirrors, Signal and Manoeuvre
    Video 3: At red lights, stop behind the stop line
    Video 4: At red lights there are no free left turns
    Video 5: The Zebra belongs to pedestrians
    Video 6: Tyres and Tarmac (rather than bumper to bumper)
    Video 7: Merging with the Main road
    Video 8: Leaving The Main Road
    Video 9: Never Cut Corners
    Video 10: Show Courtesy on roads
    Video 11: 5 Rules that help deal with Roundabouts
    Video 12: Speed limits, stopping distances, tailgating & 2 seconds rule
    Video 13: Lane discipline and overtaking
    Video 14: Low beam or high beam?
    Video 15: Parallel (reverse parking) made easy
    Video 16: Give the cyclist the respect of a car
    Video 17: Dealing with in-car condensation

    Many thanks

  7. Bala says:

    Mr.RAJARAM, People are so sarcastic about Indian road and Drivers (Being an Indian even you do that and no wonder BRITISH ruled INDIA with countable no of soldiers ). The basic point in driving is that you should not hit anybody. I think we do that in INDIA (The point I am making here is you can drive the way u want but should not cause any danger to others life. We do that very well in INDIA). I have been driving in Chennai, coimbatore and Tirupur (cities of Tamilnadu) for almost 7 years and the amount of accident that I have seen there is really less. In India you always expect people to make mistakes while driving and but in foreign countries you really do not expect others to make mistakes. If somebody makes any mistake , it will really be terrible. I am driving in UK (where we think it is safe to drive)for almost 2 years and I could see the same amount of accidents here.STOP MAKING FUN OF INDIA…HOPE U CAN UNDERSTAND AND ACT ACCORDINGLY MR.RAJARAM….

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