Kelefos Bridge in Cyprus

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4 Responses

  1. Mercury says:

    Picturesque would be the word i.e. if i got the spelling rite

  2. Rajaram S says:

    You got the spelling as well the description right 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    These tourist card schemes are a really good idea. I have just been to Cyprus and we used the My Tourist scheme there. We obtained discounts at hotels in Paphos, discounts at restaurants, excursions and shops during our holiday. We saved several £’s. The scheme was easy – we purchased the card online and received details the next day. Goto for more info.

  4. says:

    Thanks for the kind words Rob. We are now also in Crete so if you off there on holiday we can help save you a few Euros during this rough time we are going through.

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