Shooting of the movie Boomerang in Cyprus

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice pictures!

  2. Mercury says:

    So thats how they make demigods. Nice post.

  3. Showman International says:

    I request you to please take off these images as soon as possible or face legal consequences. The content of these images are copyrighted by Showman International, the production house of Boomerang and you do not have the required permission to distribute any content related to this film in any medium whatsoever. We consider this as a serious offence and notify you that this content must be taken down in less than 24 hrs or face legal action.

  4. Rajaram S says:

    hi ..I understand the copyright issues, but these are not images from your website and images distributed by you. These were shot from my camera in a public place. The irony is that we were invited to watch the shootings and the director/producer/cameraman were very well aware of our presence (with our cameras) and in fact, the heroines posed for us to take their photographs. Are they also your copyright ?
    Please give me ur email so that we can take this offline.
    Also, i find it strange that a prodn company is complaining abt pictures taken in a public place of the shooting of a movie. There are hundreds of personal websites where ppl post such photos “taken in public places”.

  5. Showman International says:

    We agree to the fact that the pictures were taken by your own camera.Those are meant only for private use and not for public distribution. You are not authorised to distribute this content.This is a serious violation of our copyrighted content.Please take these images down asap.This is our email address

  6. Leonid says:

    This is a load of crap! 🙂

    You can copyright whatever you want, but as long as it appears in the public place, anyone can photograph it all they want. As to public distribution of it, that’s allowed too for as long as it is not used for commercial/advertising purposes.

    That’s the price for living in a society. If you are afraid of it, stay at home, behind closed doors. And windows.

    Oh, and for a studio to use a free email account – that’s pathetic. The domains are below $10 USD / year these days…

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