Indian Cricket League to be formed

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  1. Meditation says:

    Start a Indian cricket league
    Former India captains Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Chandu Borde, Srinivas Venkataraghavan, Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri and Krishnamachari Srikanth made the following recommendations at the BCCI meeting on Friday:

    Strengthen Domestic Cricket.
    Improve the quality of wickets
    Improve the quality and competitiveness in domestic cricket.
    Junior Cricket: The structure which is the best in the world and should be supported by providing good wickets and umpires
    Form Pool of Players
    Star Zonal Academies
    Put Cap on Players’ Endorsements

    I think that our former captains MISSED one vital part

    Team India – We need eleven players, who untidily play for the country rather then bunch of super stars with super egos, playing for themselves.

    This is what Chappell wanted and how can we ignore such a vital point.

    The solution suggested –


    He emphasized the need to promote youngsters and concentrate on fitness for the team to do well in fielding and running between wickets.


    The BCCI president Sharad Pawar complimented Chappell on his role and his professional approach. He opined that Chappell could be associated with Indian cricket and help in the implementation of the long term plans.

    Former Captains way

    Form Cricket Committee: A committee may be constituted from among the captains to advise on cricketing matters and the committee should meet every quarter.

    Subhash Chandra’s way

    A parallel cricket league called the Indian Cricket League in the country.

    My Solution – KISS – keep it simple stupid

    All this can be achieved with a combination of solution

    Start a Indian cricket league – not the way Subhash Chandra wants it … simply because he wants to start this for his own selfish reasons . He will only complicate the situation .

    Let the BCCI start a league with the help of Indian corporate

    Say there are eight teams to start with


    Invite corporate world to form their teams

    Say A is Tata , B is Reliance , C is Airtel , TCS or Sahara or LG etc etc

    Give each team a stadium – say Airtel gets Mohali , Tata gets Wankhede … now that becomes there home ground and they are responsible for the up gradation of stadium and pitches etc

    Let them hire players (foreign as well as Indians) on the same lines as football clubs – let them have foreign coaches /trainers /support staff.

    The Objective is to have

    Eight super strong teams, who should be capable of beating any other test team in the world

    BCCI should take the role of ICC – I mean they should be the super body, just like ICC and all the other eight members should function as test-playing nations does in international format

    Let them play with each other in all the three formats – test matches, one day and 20:20

    Presence of 4-5 international players in each team will ensure a good competitive cricket.

    Run it like a professional league (similar to football league)

    For the time being

    1 Don’t dismantle the domestic cricket – let it run the same way – use it for drawing the talent to professional league

    2 Zonal academies should also be introduced to supply the fresh talent

    3 Cut down on international matches by 50% … play with the best only . Let our players concentrate on local professional league

    It’s a win –win for all the parties except ICC

    What’s in it for BCCI?

    Sell the TV rights and use the money for development of cricket at grass root level

    What’s in it for corporate?

    Advertisement, Free publicity, there clubs can be converted into a profitable business venture – similar to football clubs

    What’s in it for cricketers?

    Right now, only handful of players become really rich …rest of the lot…though maybe equally talented does not get the fair share. This system will ensure that large number of cricketers get enough to lead a respectable life

    What’s in it for fans?

    They get to see the completive game on regular basis without breaking down emotionally

    Why corporate?

    Simply because they are far more organized and professional in spotting talent, hiring, training and retaining. They know how to motivate and get the maximum out of a professional.

    The bottom line

    Imagine , Indian cricket after few years

    1) It can have eight world class stadiums , having best of pitches and facilities

    2) It can have eight world class coaches and support staff

    3) It can have 150 professional players pool to choose a team of eleven for international matches

    And much more – Just think over it – if you agree with me then email this to as many Indians as you can and put your comments on the blog at following link

    Praveen Verma

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