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3 Responses

  1. garima says:

    hi Rajaram… just happened ot hit upon ur site on a google search.
    will come straight to the point… I work for Miditech, a TV production house in New Delhi. we are currently producing a show for national geographic channel called NAT GEO GENIUS…
    i wonder if u have seen the international version but its basically a quiz show. seeing ur interest in quizzes i think u would be an ideal contestant for our show.
    Now i read fromur site that ur working in Cyprus… but if thats changed now and ur back in India… or u think u’d be here in India around November December (or u think our show is interesting enough to come to india for a bit 🙂 )… please get in touch with me on –>
    i’ll probably mail u a small synopsis of the show as well….
    hope to hear from u.
    Now i shall go back to the quiz sites that u have provided so kindly! 😀

  2. hero says:

    hi sir
    i am very fond of quizzing and have been taking part in various interschool competitions.
    can u tell me more about ur site ?
    also can u tell me where can i publish my quizzes and if i can make my own site of quizzes ?

  3. kanika gupta says:

    hello sir!!!
    can u tell me how to make home page of technology quiz???
    so that it can provide basic information….
    plsss reply , its urgent as i have participated in a competition….

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