Cricket is a stupid game, a waste of time

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  1. kapil says:

    cricket is religion passion and life fotball sucks and cricket rules

  2. nauman says:

    some guys are so dumb, they dont get wat mr rajaram was tryin to say, he was kiddin the whole tym, get lives -.-

  3. Utaka says:

    Haha you guys think cricket is fun and hard. Give me a break. Bty, some idiot said that football is easy game and all you do is kick the ball; YEAH MY ASS! Every time you hit the ball, you need to rotate your feet and body angle the right position to make even a simple pass. You need endurance, strength, great deal of eye – feet coordination, fast reflexes, speed, etc. Also there are sooo many moves that are aesthetically pleasing and cricket has absolutely nothing aesthetically pleasing to watch. To that idiot: you are not plain running with your self moron; you are running with a ball and trying to pass people while running with the ball! Yeah I would like to see you do that! Plus, It is a game the whole world loves and cricket can never ever come close. In Cricket, all you see is someone throwing the ball (I don’t care how much spin he puts on it, same shit you see every time!) I’ve seeing Indians trying to play other sports before and they suck at almost all; Basketball, football, tennis, you name it. You have over 1 billion people and yet have nothing worthy in Olympics! Only shit you can play is cricket since it doesn’t require any athleticism. After all I said, you guys probably think I am a hater but love the Indians and their food/culture but sorry bros you guys suck at sports and cricket is really boring, PERIOD! I don’t see what is so entertaining about it. Baseball is in the same bty! Side note: playing cricket with friends might be fun but watching it (except Indians and Pakistanis) is absolutely boring…

  4. Anon says:

    Finally! I’ve found a place where I can air my views on this RIDICULOUS ‘Sport’ (used most loosely.)

    Having skimmed through the comments above a little, I’m in agreement with the rants that have been published completely. This isn’t a sport – it’s barely a past-time. How the hell can you have a ‘game’ (again loose term) that lasts for 5 days? Why? If you can’t get it over with in less than a few hours, it’s time you’ll never get back to do something more interesting….like sleep. Most of the people attending the ridiculous events spend half of their time asleep anyway, as the game is so tedious.

    Many years ago, I found the source of the immense frustration I have with this game – English Cricketer Bob Willis and Commentator Richie Benaud. Bob, I’m sure, was a fantastic bloke and good at his ‘sport’, but why, even as a ‘fast bowler’ did he require an 18mile run-up? Walking back to his starting point took a good 2-3minutes of time. Then, he ran at a pelt (for the first 20 yards) before getting out of breath and taking another 2-3 minutes (well, it seemed like it!) to get to the crease where he would hurl the ball down with all his might. Then what happened was that the twit standing in the protective gear the other end patted the ball into the ground to the sounds of Richie Benaud stating ‘what a marvellous delivery that was….’. Why was it? Why didn’t the twit hit the darned thing? Why didn’t it hit the wicket? To cap all this, Bob now has to go and throw the damned ball another 5 times before giving it to some other idiot to have a go. Well, that is unless Bob’s made a misjudgement and now it’s a no-ball so he’s got to do it 6 more times.

    What’s with the patting of the ground in front of the batsman with his bat? You don’t see the bowler doing this to ensure a smooth passage for his ball, do you? It’s simply there to make this tedious game last even longer.

    To cap it all, I always thought sport was about winners and losers – a defined line between the two. In football, one side scores more than the other and someone wins. Unless they both score the same, then it’s a draw. Simple. Tennis – one bloke/woman gets more games than the other to win a set and more sets than the other to win the match. Simple stuff really. But with cricket, no, not that simple, is it? Of course not. Scoring more runs than the other team doesn’t mean winning by 2 runs, oh no, it means winning by 5 wickets. So how does that work again? To cap it all, one side can score 350 runs, the other 296 and yet it’s declared a draw because of the amount of wickets…per-lease. Now we have another incredible ‘rule’. It’s possible to win a game by a ‘method’ rather than scoring more than the other team (for the uninitiated, the ‘Duckworth Lewis method). This is a scientific calculation apparently. How can you win a game based on this type of scoring? If one side scores 150 and the other 75, then it chucks it down with rain, it’s match abandoned, simple yes?

    How can a game stop for lunch and tea? Sure, stop halfway through to give the players a break, but not for an hour’s lunch and a 30minute tea break in the afternoon, that’s just plain daft.

    Then there’s the weather. Footballers, rugby players, US Football, Aussie Rules etc all go out when it’s as muddy as can be and still manage to play their sport. Rain, hail and lightning don’t necessarily stop them. Tennis is a different proposition – playing on a wet court on grass can be dangerous, so they stop until it stops, fair enough. With cricket though, it’s the extreme again – one spot of rain and it’s covers on the wicket and everyone in for a warm by the fire, a cuppa and a cucumber sarnie. They even do this, if it LOOKS like it will rain, claiming ‘bad light’. Rubbish – bad light my foot. Do yourselves a favour, change the ball to a yellow one and carry on.

    Ah yes, and the ‘complaints’ about the ‘different wicket’. Don’t know if they’d ever noticed (as they spend half their time at lunch or tea), but cricket is played in grass. The wicket they’re playing on, gets used for the ball to bounce ONCE and is cut, seemingly, with some form of hair clipper device to get rid of the grass and leave a thin layer on top of the mud. HOW MUCH DIFFERENCE CAN THERE BE??? Old Trafford, Headiingly and Lords are all cricket grounds with grass on them, so surely they must be the same??? Or am I simplifying this too much for their small brains to take in?

    Finally, I think I’ve missed something somewhere. UK County cricket or the IPL league has a purpose – all the teams play each other in divisions and there’s a champ at the end. Bit like the English Premier Football League, but for cricket. But, why is there excitement over a ‘Test Match’?? England playing Sri Lanka, Australia playing New Zealand or Scotland facing Wales in a ‘Test Match’. Listen people, the clue is in the title – TEST – in other words, it’s a bloody friendly!! There’s nothing to play for, the winner has the satisfaction (if they ever find a winner through the Duckworth Lewis method!) of saying they beat the other team. There’s no trophy, no league title, no moving up the league, no relegation – nothing. it’s like England playing Malta at football – great to see a game, but no meaning whatsoever. SORT IT OUT CRICKET PEOPLE, THIS IS JUST STUPID!

    Please, please, please, get someone to ban cricket altogether – drive it underground (literally) or preferably to another planet. Give them their own island where they can play this stupid, tedious and time-wasting past-time before we’re all bored to death!!

    Phew. Rant over…

  5. yrgf says:

    This is opinion and i like all
    Sports but cricket rules and footy is only 1 hr long
    So in cricket u get more exercise but in footy
    U dont move ur lazy fat asses

  6. ASISH RP says:

    So,Rajaram ,I’ll never stare or insult you
    Because i want this essay as my assignment.
    I know you are created the debate report is’nt it?

  7. Sredbar says:

    Game is a need to criticise n its rules..Every game have its have a broad mind to accept those rules..Love Cricket and enjoy the Game..

  8. Krikett4sluggards says:

    Kudos Rajaram. Cricket is a curse on 3rd world countries. There are a lot of other things to worry about in this life and this stupid game is producing millions of lazies. Even old women comment about this stupid game as if they were in the selection committe!

    This evil game is destroying Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    Look at how many gold medals cricket playing countries win in the Olympics.

    This stupid game must be adandoned before it ruins the whole world.

  9. sha says:

    yeah i agree with u Rajaram, I also have the same same view, But i dont know why the govt gives too much importance to this stupid game,as i am from kerala and a football player i know the fitness i gained through football, i have seen even the cricket teams playing volleyball or football on their training session, its not a team play , its very very stupid and boring game

  10. sha says:

    yeah i agree with u Rajaram, ,as i am from kerala and a football player i know the fitness i gained through football, i have seen even the cricket teams playing volleyball or football on their training session, its not a team play , its very very stupid and boring game

  11. Mappy says:

    If I you forced someone to watch a Cricket Match, you would rightfully be put on a “Terrorist Watch List”

  12. peterparker says:

    Agreed with the blog, CRICKET is an absolute wastage of time and is only played by fools and watched by fools.

  13. suresh maheshwari says:

    Decidedly, cricket is a game for stupids. It should have no place in a country like India where people live below the poverty line on just Rs 26 whereas a top Indian cricketer earns $ 40 millions in a year i.e nearly Rs 20 crore. Is there any justification to allow this game in this country? Comments invited

    suresh maheshwari

  14. mural says:

    It is not gentlemen’s name.It is just a stupid’s game meant for lazy people.Look at the countries playing. That is enough for an analysis.With 2 nd place in population ,still India is unable to mark its presence in olympics due to this stupid game.

  15. Sridhar Nemani says:

    It’s now no longer a game watched by 22000 people , the number has gone to the the magnitude of some crores / billions alll over the world ( inclusive of both” live” and on” TV “

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