Cricket is a stupid game, a waste of time

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  1. Senthil Ponnuraj says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Is there any idea that you are going into politics..

    To start with Anti publicity.. and taking the place of Shard Pawar

  2. Anonymous says:

    iam with u rajaram….cricket is a boring game,and a waste of time……

  3. Anonymous says:

    grow up and get a life kid.

  4. Rajaram S says:

    thank you papa!
    Sorry, I can’t write more, have to watch the highlights of today’s match!

  5. Anonymous says:

    you sir have spoken the truth and have raised your voice on behalf of al those
    who have been silenced by these cricket fanatics.I applaud your courage for saying
    what you have, especially considering you are an INDIAN.

  6. Anonymous says:

    after early world cup exit every word you said looks true. But cricket is like a game of card, along with a good set you need luck and a mind that plays the right card at right time!! Its the only game that can make your heart flip 300 time (or 2700 if its a test match)

  7. Anonymous says:

    dude,c’mon,if u have nuthing good to say about cricket then keep ur damn mouth shut,this isn’t humorous,if anyone is a fool it’s u,dumbass.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I saw his article posted on

    Guys take it easy. It’s his opinion. You have to give him for gathering information and putting his thoughts out.

  9. Rajaram S says:

    i guess ppl aren’t reading this completely! The last line says “The views expressed above are from the thoughts of a ghost which took over my body while i was engrossed in refreshing the scores of a closely fought division 4 match happening in England”
    I am a big fan of the game whether or not India or any other team performs or not.
    The above is from the content i used to speak in a debate where i had to speak for the topic “Cricket is a waste of time”, just because there were many others who wanted to speak against 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Cricket it lazy man’s paradise. It is devils invention to make human race less productive. All who watch, play and follow cricket are idiots and with low IQ. I agree 100% with you Rajaram. Keep up the good work.


  12. Anonymous says:

    lazy lethargic sluggards play and make millions of others lazies.
    Go to hell Cricket.

  13. Anonymous says:

    there are so many important things in the world to worry about. i wonder why these cricket playing animals were even born into this world.
    cricket increases blood pressure and anxiety.

  14. George says:

    The funny thing to me is that the supporters of this horrible game would attack you for writing an article like this. If you wrote it about any other sport, the followers of that sport, who are confident in its validity (entertainment) would not attack you…
    Anyway, good job with the blog and i may contact you when i visit Cyprus. I am a Cypriot living in California now and found you after the IKEA posting. You may be the first person who has been to the San Jose IKEA and the Cyprus one and i may be the 2nd when i come…:)


  15. Anonymous says:

    Not the cricket is stupid but the indian cricketers are stupid.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I agree with your ghost, hehe.

  17. Sanjith says:

    The game is definitely not stupid, and even those who disagree could put across their views in a dignified fashion as the author has done. Comments such as these “i wonder why these cricket playing animals were even born into this world.”, reflect mental immaturity. One really wonders how such people can ponder about “important things in the world”.

    People who comment must understand that it does not suffice if they issue bold statements, there must be sound logic behind them. A Mr.Vijay says “All who watch, play and follow cricket are idiots and with low IQ.” This is as absurd as absurd can be. And if anyone’s IQ is to be questioned it must be that of the one who has commented.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Cricket is a stupid game. Thats rich coming from a football fan. Running around a football pitch for 90 minutes or so, chasing a piece of pigskin as though it was a roasted hog. How primative is that. Looking at your photo you look like a primative stupid Indian geek.

  19. Raghu says:

    Exactly Rajaram…. this is what I was thinking about in the morning today…specially the “no exercise for players” part neither in the physical nor at the intellectual level … its only at the commercial level 🙂 . Good for only BCCI or the IPL teams sponsoring corporates

    Actually I’m dyslexic to cricket…. so to say.( Again actually, anyone in our country is considered a retard if not following a ball-to-ball account of the day’s match )

    First He created humans & the world was populated, then He said let there be light – the world was lit up. Then He said let there be cricket & the world became stupid ! ( I can’t help rolling in laughter )

    And come to think of it, we are the reigning champions of the dunce cap of cricket since we are nation obsessed with it.

    We will remember, for many decades to come, Yuvi’s six sixes in an over against England in the semi-finals of the Twenty20 World Cup but we would have long back forgotten that some villagers in Orissa ate mango kernels to survive the famine a few years back.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Although I have no qualms about you expressing your opinion, I have to admit, your logic is appalling..!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Cricket is stupid, the rules are confusing and the game is too long. Baseball is bad but this is worse.

  22. leo says:

    iam with you dear friend cricket is a stupid game which is ruining all other sports in india i hate it very much now they are making it like brazelian carnival with cheer leaders also. other sports in india will improve only if this stupid game is banned ,it is also making many indians lazy .all what you have written about cricket is correct i apperciate you and keep it up

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    Very good article. I enjoyed the humor. I knew from the title it self that you are big cricket fan and writing this sarcastically. Kudos man!

  24. nehru mantri says:

    Raghupati Raghava,
    It seems so to the onlooker and especially so when the Indian team is involved where lethargy qualifies for immediate entry. However it is not meant to be so. Just observe the difference between Australian and the India Pak fielders at field changes following an over. The Aussies are professional and business like hustling and charging. Even the Sri lankans are better than us. The common prception in categorizing players as batsmen and bowlers results in the players we see now. A true player is one who can do anything anytime anyplace, in other words a true athlete. They will make their presence felt everywhere just like a good soccer player (even in soccer only 2 or 3 really qualify – the rest are there to pass the ball to those 3). Playing and watching cricket are two different things. I played a whole lot but never ever sat down to watch since I am restless (?). A good cricketer can with an hours practice play hard ball (baseball) while the reverse is to watch agony.

  25. nehru mantri says:

    P.S. I was just playing with your name. Please dont take offense. Nice blog and Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

  26. Sam says:


    Reading some of the comments to your humor post, I felt if more blonds read your blog than men.


    R Sathyamurthy

  27. parrot says:

    yeah. worse game on the planet. banned it. only indians are running after it now.

  28. python says:

    I totally agree with you!

  29. Jay says:

    Must be a Modi bootlicker

  30. Ds Jes says:

    jealous!? cricket rocks. infact cricket is far superior game.

    who won the T20 Worldcup though?.. lolz

  31. thiruvadivelan ramamurthy kuppachi says:

    very good comment about cricket. i totally agree with your comment

  32. prion says:

    Cricket is one hyped up game.Cricket when seen as a sport of atheletic ability,team work,grace it falls flat on its face.Its a game for unhealthy lazy lards who become arm chair experts when off the field.Its unhealthy focus is killing the lazy Indian and rest of the games.Only 10 nations or so play it hardly international .Only we take it very seriously.It doesnt command such attention money or media hype in any country other than the Subcontinent.Wake up..ooohhh I forgot we like to be arm chair experts like me here….

  33. Ben "Chunty" White IV says:


    You are a complete genius and should be running the country. If everyone could see this through your vision… the world would be more productive and less time will be wasted.

    Rock on dude.

  34. charles says:

    cricket is so so so stupid it should not even be a sport

  35. Yasin says:

    Since your weak of mind and cannot keep track with cricket just watch football

  36. samir says:

    i would like to say something to those who think cricket is idiot.That have you ever tried to play cricket actually.if you pay once with a real cricket ball and good bowling attack you will find out how hard is it to fools think that it is just the matter of bowling and hitting.To pay criket you musta have confidence,skills,patience.what do you need to play football,run around the park like a horse and kick the ball as hard as you can when it comes to you.Thats all is needed.ha isnt it true.well i woud like to challenge all those who think cricket is an idiots game.first ball a one over without balling a wide from 22 yards away at a reasoanbale pace.and next thing score anout thirty runs facing against a really fast bowler .can you do that i bet you acnt do guys have no idea how much concentration it is reaquired to play cricket.
    well some say watching cricket is boring .its only boring when you dont understand guys donot have the mind to understand the rules of cricket.
    well i would like to say how hard it is to paly cricket.while batting you have to wathc the ball all over until it hits your bat.and that i not the only thing .you need to be perfectly balanced and you need to hit the ball at the right time in the right place with a right thinking . can you do that. i you can do that then only i will agree with your words .

    what ever you have to say send it on my mail.
    football geeks and baseball mads

  37. Anonymous says:

    Damn, whoever says cricket is boring really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s more skilfull than football, where 20 players run around after a ball and knock each other over while the other 2 just stand stranded at each pole.

    Cricket requires skill, thought and intelligence. It’s not just a bat and ball game, moreover it’s a mindgame that can be very interesting to watch once understood.

    Anyway, won’t waste my time to educate fools. Once a fool, always a fool. Go play rugby, and destroy your head, and make yourself even more dumb and foolish.

  38. Raza says:

    Cricket is obviously too complex a sport for your tiny little head to cope with :/ And that’s no ones fault, is it now.

  39. San says:

    if you talk about skills cricket requires far more skills than any other game. Its combination of art and science. For example, Beckham bend very big ball using long distance whereas wasim akram swings small heavy ball only on 22 yards and bend is remarkable. Ordinary person can’t even understand science behind this technique. Only artists can play cricket thats why lots of people in this world never try to play this game because it needs intelligence which majority lacks.

  40. RAVI says:

    What are the three IPLs?
    Too much cricket took away the interest to watch cricket that too being a parent. Now IPL and in April it is world cup.
    According to me there are 3 IPLs. Of course, the well-known expansion is Indian Premier League. However, this IPL makes the students run out by another IPL known as Interrupt Priority Level. Here, watching Cricket in the exam month of March, interrupting their exam priorities, will surely force them bowled out by scoring less marks. While being bowled out, these poor chaps are forced to witness organizers and IPL players scoring or not scoring runs, but surely making money to remain secure forever in future. Whereas our poor students will have no other option, but to remain in their third IPL Zone, known as, Idiotic Personality Level.

  41. Ashraf says:

    10 minutes of my life down the drain…

  42. Global says:

    Rich or poor everyone can play football. Football transcends language barriers, creed, colour or race. It is universal and simple. That’s why it is the beautiful game.

  43. sathish says:

    come on dude…its completely acceptable when the people in the world thinks in your vision….

  44. Sunil says:

    Sachin Tendulkar. What does honorary Group Captain rank mean? (Humor, a longer version and a bit more)

    In memory of Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon, PVC, posthumously, IAF and J R D Tata, Father of Aviation, honorary Air Vice Marshal, IAF.

    Tendulkar as an honorary Group Captain rank is not part of the BCCI selectors’ chain of command but can issue orders which fielder can be placed at silly point. Mutiny of troops, especially Dhoni and Yuvraj, can be tried under summary court martial.

    His first order is that Harsha Bhogle be tried of war crimes by talking crap ( radars found Bhogle’s gibberish at 2.3 Mach speed) as a commentator. Cricket historian, Boria Mazumdar, will be summarily executed for the war crime of putting TV cricket viewers to asleep. Tendulkar also has the right that Hitler’s mustache can be twirled.

    Tendulkar as an honorary Group Captain can command paper planes ( Squadron 10. Nickname: Aai La. Motto: My Bat Will Do The Talking) into war against schoolboys. Since he is outside BCCI’s chain of command, he has a right not to salute Sharad Pawar.

    His first duty is to defend against Lalit Modi for breaking wind in T20’s hospitality boxes. If he helps win India winning World Cup in 2011, Sharad Pawar will give a speech to ICC, “If the BCCI Empire and its cricket wealth lasts for a thousand years, cricket maniacs will still say, ‘This was Tendulkar’s finest hour.”

    After Tendlya’s first sortie, he has debriefed BCCI selectors and has said that Australia is a clear and present danger to India winning 2011 World Cup. His strategy is to carpet bomb Australians as ‘racists” before a match.

    It is unbecoming of an officer and gentleman to tease Sharad Pawar by saying, “ Pawarsaheb, you look just like Luftwaffe’s Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering. Obese, rotund and plumpish. Right down to white tunic. Exercise, saheb.”

    Jokes about honorary Group Captain Sachin Tendulkar’s high-pitched voice is an act of high treason. Not forwarding emails that Tendlya make you feel proud to be Indian is sedition.

    Since he outranks Sanjay Manjrekar, he has the right to command his Aide-de- Camp, Ravi Shastri, and summarily throw Sanjay Manjrekar out of the commentators’ box. for any criticism against honorary Group Captain Sachin Tendulkar.

    It is incumbent on ever Indian watching a match in a stadium should cheer honorary Group Captain Sachin Tendulkar by saying, “Saachinn, Saaachin, Saachinn” in his nervous nineties. Following Tendulkar’s century, there will be a bugle call, firecrackers will go off, all will kiss their lockets and look up to God in gratitude .

    Babus have also come up with a proposal that God in the heaven should look to brave solider, Tendlya, on earth in gratitude. God is studying the proposal but He is confused thanks to triplicate of all proposals.

    One of Tendlya’s benefits as an honorary Group Captain is to import Ferrari or any other foreign car and get exempted for paying custom duty.

    In any injury, in any dogfight, against any ICC Test playing nation, it is the duty of Indians to pray that Tendlya’s recover from injury and get back into dogfight.

    His sublime heroism, supreme gallantry and determination, above and beyond the call of duty of shifting his jockstrap box guard ever other over and tapping the pitch wirh his bat, honorary Group Captain Tendulkar is awarded the PCE (Param Celebrity Endorser), India’s highest money-making machine.

    The two others who have won the PCE (Param Celebrity Endorser), India’s highest money-making machine, are Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.


    Jokes aside, Tendulkar should not wear the IAF uniform which the babus are cricket maniacs who “suggested ” this honorary rank. I ask Tendlya: Have you read IAF history before you don that uniform? Even ceremonial. Do you know who Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon is? He is the only member of the Indian Air Force to be honored with PVC, posthumously. You are not in the tradition of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Baji Prabhu Deshpande, Tanaji Malusare and so many. You deserve every cricket honor but not the honor to defense of our nation. Tendlya, have you have done anything for our IAF? Nothing.

    India’s World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev had received the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the Territorial Army. It is Territorial Army, not Indian Army. JRD Tata, the Father of Indian Aviation, was made an honorary Air Vice Marshal in 1974. Would JRD accept Arjuna Award? Certainly not.

    In 1930, the Aga Khan Trophy was offered for the first Indian to fly solo from India to England or vice versa. J.R.D. competed, taking off from Karachi to London. When he landed at Aboukir Bay in Egypt, he found that Aspy Engineer, the other contender, flying from London to Karachi, was stranded in the desert airfield for want of a spark plug!

    J.R.D. sportingly parted with his spare one and they continued their journey in opposite directions. Aspy beat him by a couple of hours. ‘I am glad he won,’ said J.R.D., ‘because it helped him get into the Royal Indian Air Force.’ Later Aspy was to be the second Indian to be the chief of the Indian Air Force.

    ~ a cricket lover ( Shivaji Park boy. Alumni of Ruia & Poddar College , Matunga, Mumbai maximum Test and first class cricket players for India though in decline) but loves IAF way, way more.

  45. Sidharth says:

    This webpage is just a waste and full of unwanted things … all the things in this page about cricket is truly false …

  46. joe says:

    Guys cricket is a stupid game.Its here only because its the ONLY game that has so many pauses in between(just think from rubbing the ball to walking to the run up point) so that the TV channels which can run half the time in advertisement.Its a decade old conspiracy by the media and the cricket honchos( BCCI )to earn money and make passionate stupids of the rest.For those of you who want to exercise their intellectual muscle(mind game?) please try chess.For those of you who like to play random with a toss of a coin try horse racing or cards.Please understand that cricket is not considered a national game especially in UK football is.English made this game so that they can have a nice sun bath in a country that has 2 months of sunny climate.We need 45 minutes of workout and be back to work.Not waiting for my turn to bat for 45 minutes. Plus I quote Prion(myself) in this blog “Cricket is one hyped up game.Cricket when seen as a sport of athletic ability,team work,grace it falls flat on its face.Its a game for unhealthy lazy lards who become arm chair experts when off the field.Its unhealthy focus is killing the lazy Indian and rest of the games.Only 10 nations or so play it hardly international .Only we take it very seriously.It doesn’t command such attention money or media hype in any country other than the Subcontinent.Wake up..oohs I forgot we like to be arm chair experts like me here….” So apt about teamwork when 3/4 of the game 3/4 of the people are standing still.

  47. Bullet says:

    I think he is a fool but he tells to others that 22,000 peoples are fool inside his brain only the clay is there.He is the no.1 fool in the world thanks for my comment

  48. Gun says:

    @ Bullet:

    If you think G.B.Shaw is a fool, you will definitely tell people like Einstein, Edison, Shakespeare, Marlow, Stephen Hawking are also fools…!!!

    Cricket is a total waste of time and money. People will never go to work, students will never go to school, colleges. All will sit infront of TV. Once while I went to a Hospital with my cousins accident case, the Doctor was infront of TV and reluctant to come to attend the bleeding patients. Unfortunately, we lost 5 young lives on that day. If that Doctor was ready to attend them on time, few of them might have been alive now.

  49. Saif says:

    Oh Anti-Cricket blog hahaha ;P alright here we go. few of you must be left out by your friends because all they wanted to is watch cricket. other few this one is a good one…especially in india there are football fans who feel their sports is completely neglected because everybody loves cricket. most of you have little brains to understand the game so you come up here and express all you silly views…bunch of idiots lol…the recent cricket world cup was a great success….FUCK YOU football fans who are anti cricket…and as far as the writer is concern if i meet u someday i will bash ur head with the stumps and show it to all of the anti cricket idiots over here.

    PS: I love all sports but i hate idiots like you. no offence to any football fans who does not hate cricket……its a beautiful game.

  50. Rajaram S says:

    Saif, was fun to read your comment. It is pretty obvious that you didnt get the pun 🙂

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