What happened to zatang.com ?

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  1. Sangeetha Ganessan says:


    I agree with you, I loved Zatang.com. I was working there as a Content Specialist and had fun putting up new Zzars everyday. I remember putting up your section. All those email correspondence….It was me! 🙂 In fact I was a Zzar too…for Grooming! I really wish Zatang gets back!

    Good Luck!

  2. Rajaram S says:

    Last year, zatang had gone for a facelift with all the old sections including mine moved under “Old Zatang.com”. It was a good site with lotsa info abt lot of things! good, if it surfaces again 🙂

  3. Sangeetha Ganessan says:

    Yes…For a while I thought it was going to resurface with a bang! Well…good things never last long..do they?

  4. Tapan Garg says:

    Thanks Rajaram for remembering Zatang so fondly. 🙂

    Brought back some great memories.

    Have Fun!


  5. Darshan Shah says:

    its true Zatang.com was one of my fav site
    i found my first chat friend on this site
    and yeh shez still wid me
    (10 years )

    thanks zatang

  6. suggi says:

    well i was a zzar too and i was publishing articles about in dance..its been several years now…who would have thought that i d be typing in this blog after so many years?lol!Wish zatang would get back in form…..

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