Surya Jyotika Wedding in Chennai

The much-in-news affair finally ended in their wedding in Chennai today. I hope that they don’t settle down in US of A sometime in the future, because if they do so, they will be celebrating their nth wedding anniversary on a day when the whole of America will be mourning the (n+5)th anniversary of the September 11 bombings.
NDTV had a huge coverage on this event. It lasted for exactly 4.2 seconds, much too less for me to run and get my camera out. Below are some pictures I got from an email forward. The whos-who of chennai seem to have been there including manorama, ajit and shalini and even our Chief Minister M.K.Karunanidhi.

Update: More pictures of their wedding (posing with other celebrities) can be found here.

Surya’s younger brother Karthi (changed his name from Karthic) is to make his debut in Director Ameer’s (Of Raam fame) movie, Paruthiveeran. Priya Mani is Karthi’s heroine in the movie. It was supposed to have been released in July 2006, but has been delayed due to various reasons. The movie Raam was chosen for screening at the Cyprus International Film Festival in March 2006. Director Ameer along with Karthi had visited Cyprus then. Many of Amdocs’ employees had gone to the screening of the movie and happened to meet Ameer and Karthi. I was introduced to them the following day as they wanted to know about places to visit in Cyprus.

I took this opportunity and took the day off and spent a day taking them to many places in Cyprus. We even visited North Cyprus and its castles. One of my friends in amdocs, Kanagaraj, also accompanied us. Karthi is not the kind of movie hero one would expect to meet. He had completed his engineering and also done his M.S in USA. In fact, many of my college friends were his seniors in M.S. I learnt a lot of photography techniques from Ameer and he was patient enough to answer hundreds of my questions of the various shooting techniques and styles. Below are some of the pictures. Btw, the guy in the yellow t-shirt is Karthi and he looks that way with that overgrown beard because the shooting of paruthiveeran was going on at that time.

Update: Paruthiveeran has been released and is declared a big hit! See more pictures of the new hero Karthi in his paruthiveeran look here.

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24 comments on “Surya Jyotika Wedding in Chennai
  1. Matty says:

    the photos shows ‘Surya and Jo are made for each other’…so you roamed with a hero!!!

  2. Rajaram S says:

    a “to-be-hero”, hopefully ! Heard that the movie has run into some issues !

  3. Rehna says:


    I was with karthik in the same university in US and have met each other a couple of times. He is a very down to earth person and very helpful. If you say you have some common friends with karthik in his US university then I may now them too as we moved around in the same circles.
    Its a small world

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love u karthik.u impressed me a lot by chitra mcc college(

  5. Anonymous says:


    Do you know which University Karthi studied in U.S? Just out of curiosity……….?

  6. Rajaram S says:

    SUNY (State Univ of New York) Binghamton, i guess, thats what my BITS classmates who were his seniors in US tell me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info……BTW, am listed as Anonymous coz i still don’t have a blog of my own…someday i will! Anyways i like to reads others interesting blogs!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wonderfull couple
    may God Bless you both

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love u guys…….. surya and jyo

  10. rita anglien says:


  11. rekha says:

    jhotika n surya weding r spr n beutfl sari 4 jo …………………………m(^^__^^)

  12. REVATHY says:


  13. parinitha and prajna says:

    hi karthi…v r 4m bangalore….v watched ur movie paiya 5 times on big screen n goin to watch it for the 6th time 2day…u r just amazing!!!! ur looks r killing…v love you loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots…..n never take off ur beard….cute poyidum.. :-) waitin eagerly for ur next release…n plz update ur shootin schedules n locations on the net…al the best…byeeeeeee….. :-)

  14. sandhiya devi says:

    Hi……..Surya n Joo…….U both very gud couple…..Karthi i love u so much ma….

  15. R.surya says:

    hai anna, how are you? my name is surya i love ur family

  16. R.surya says:

    i live at thirupparankundram in madurai u always more welcome to my home anna

  17. priya says:

    Hi . .
    i like u karthik.. u r my karthik . . .

  18. priya says:

    in my life i want c u atleast 1 time…
    I love u u u . . .

  19. anushiya says:

    karthi i love you so much you are looking so nice really really i love you……

  20. Aravinda Srikanchana says:

    Hi.. Karthi.I’m Sri lankan.I like you very much.your acting are really really nice.I like Tamil film becoz they are very meaningful.I am always with you.Romba Nanri Nanri anna Thanx.

  21. Ravi Kiran says:


    karhi how are you your acting really wonder im your big big fan also your brother gajini

  22. Bhavana says:

    I thought you will marry tammna , But you suprised me in marrying cute girl Rajini, Dear Karthi wish you a happy married life……..

    See his wedding marrige photos

  23. Kavyaashri Iyer says:

    dear surya, u r d best of best……….i love u …………….

  24. anbarasi.k says:

    hai surya sir i am very happy say your wedding photo very beautiful.
    i am your fan.

    thank you sir.

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