Dumb Charades (dumbc) words & movies

I have got lot of hits to my post about the Dumb-C event from people searching for Dumb-Charades or dumb-c movie names or rounds. If you are interested to know about interesting rounds for dumb-c, other than the usual movie, quote or song round, then check my original post.
Since most of the searches are for the actual words or movies used in Dumb-C, i have listed below all the ones i used in my event. Since the list is very long , I have provided links to another page , so that my blog post doesn’t become annoyingly long!
Or, if you want to browse the entire list (segregated according to the rounds), go to the dumbcharades page.

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One comment on “Dumb Charades (dumbc) words & movies
  1. anuranjan says:

    can u suggest dumbc practice questions for technical event….
    i mean for a tech-dumbc which is quite diff from movie names……

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