A Good Indian Wedding

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  1. Ravi~ says:

    should i forward this link to Elpida?

  2. Perspective Inc. says:


  3. Indian matrimonials says:

    From time immemorial, Hindus have worshipped trees and have considered all flora and fauna as sacred. Trees, plants, leaves, flowers and fruit have an esteemed position in the religion and culture of India. So much so that no religious function especially Indian matrimonial is considered complete without the presence of at least one of the above. Leaves like the betel, banana, mango, Neem, tulsi, durva are intrinsically woven into the tapestry of Indian weddings. The betel leaf enjoys the pride of place among all the accessories of a Hindu wedding. The betel leaf denotes freshness and prosperity. Betel leaves or the tambool, which comprises betel leaf, arecanut and lime, marks the beginnings of all auspicious events. In Indian matrimonial, alliances are sealed by exchanging the tambool. Invitations for an Indian marriage are distributed with tambool forming an important part of the invite. The betel is associated with the Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma: arecanut, Vishnu: betel leaf, and Shiva: lime.

  4. SRIRAM says:

    Dei nee setha da, I have forwarded this to Swetha, Mama, Amma and Appa. for all the other who are seeing this, i am the last of the three brothers for his only cousin and i am his only brother. I always love making sure he is in trouble.

  5. indian wedding photographer says:

    Just a quick link to a beautiful Indian wedding photo coolection

  6. B says:

    That was too funny..especially ur lines …
    ‘the not-so-good looking friends of the groom
    couple is still happy and smiling in spite of having gone into wedlock’

    Still ROFWL 🙂

  7. Emmy says:

    Love it.

    Please watch this awesome documentary featuring arranged marriage.


    Support young journalists.

  8. Maximo Gaia - San Francisco Wedding Photographer says:

    I wish someday make photoshoot of real indian wedding. Its so beautiful.

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